Sun & Moon - Pokemon Card Openings and Pokemon TCG card reviews

Sun & Moon 2017 Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) release has been a Huge success all over the world! 

Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Pack openings and reviews 2017 / Best / Largest / longest Pokemon Booster pack opening reviews and pack openings!

Pokemon Cards have been around since 1998 when the first expansion of cards was released by Wizards of the coast and has continued to grow at crazy rates... Yes that mean they have been releasing Pokemon Cards for over 20 years now! It is really crazy to think about being that I was there when they were first released and still going strong. :) I also know that I am not the only one with the pokemon GO / Pokemon TCG card and Trading card online bug, just look at how it covers the news everywhere in all ages and demographics!

Check out this Pokemon Sun & Moon pack opening of 3 entire Booster boxes - 108 total Sun & Moon pokemon booster packs opened! 

Pokemon - Sun & Moon - Lunala GX - Elite Trainer box opening! brand new pokemon cards

Pokemon Sun & Moon booster pack opening : Sun & Moon 

 Lunala GX - Elite Trainer box opening! brand new Pokemon cards Lunala GX Sun & Moon ETB opening and Giveaway announcement.

Be sure to check out the playlist of Sun & Moon Pokemon TCG pack openings and Collection boxes! Love to here what everyone thinks of the video's over all. 

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon - PokemonTCG cards

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 Derium's Pokemon Largest pokemon booster pack opening ever! 8 whole hours

Solgaleo GX - Pokemon Card ETB

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