Pokemon packs and lot sales

Pokemon TCG cards, Rare, Ultra Rare, Full art Values and More!

Pokemon TCG: 50 Card lot for sale- 1 EX or Full Art Card Guaranteed + 10 Holographic cards and 10 Rare Pokemon TCG cards in Each lot of cards.

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>***Pokemon EX 2 Base Set World***<

This Pokemon Card lot Includes

Pokemon TCG, Ultra Rare, EX, Full Art Card lot of 50 New cards. 1 x EX or Full Art Pokemon TCG card (from one of the Newest card sets available.)

10 Rare pokemon TCG cards, Includes Holographic cards 10 x Rare Pokemon cards ( Black Star Rarity symbol) 

    • You will Also Get 2 Holographic cards included in these 10 cards.

Pokemon XY card sets, Ultra rare, Full Art Cards, Cheap 10 x Un- Common Pokemon Cards

    • You will Also Receive 2 More Holographic card or Reverse Holo Cards in these 10 Cards.

 29 x Common Pokemon Cards

    • These 29 Cards will include a mix of 6 Holo or reverse Holo cards..

  That is a Total of 10 Holographic or Reverse Holo Cards/ 10 Rare Pokemon Cards and a Guaranteed Ultra Rare card to top this off!

  On Top of all of this..........

            You will also receive one of our special Bonus card lots with each lot!

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All Cards from these Lots are from Pokemon TCG: Black&White up to The newest XY card sets! These cards are chosen at random from all of these sets..... This leaves a big variety for any Pokemon TCG card lover :D